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Sometimes clients are too closely involved with a project to assess its efficiency and effectiveness.

At other times, paper-based systems need to be modified to take advantage of the most effective use of new technologies.

Synthesis routinely applies process redesign expertise that streamlines systems to achieve cost reduction, time reduction, and improved output quality. In doing so, we consider how redesign affects critical organization factors, including:

  • Knowledge management - preserving, developing, and sharing the organizational knowledge base

  • User empowerment - ensuring that end users retain or gain a high comfort level with the redesigned process

  • New technology adoption - designing systems that take advantage of evolving technologies without frustrating or intimidating end users

  • Shared vision - involving users early on to generate buy-in for redesign efforts and acknowledge critical factors like:

    • Program goals and objectives
    • Impending opportunities and challenges
    • Resource constraints
    • Target end user characteristics
    • Internal and external political environments

At Synthesis, we build this research- and values-based approach into every initiative we undertake.

We think. We innovate. We streamline processes that help clients achieve their goals.